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Lighting is both Art & Science. For good visual acuity, there has to be a right mix of critical parameters viz, Flux, Colour Rendering, Correlated Colour Temperature et al. Equally important are illuminance, UGR values and surround ratios which fall under lighting design domain. Through our innovative ILEN light fixtures, we take the lighting entirely to next level. Each luminaire we design & introduce has a product philosophy behind it to serve the intended purpose. All this is possible through our vast lighting experience & our outside-in customer centric approach.

Architecturally Designed LED Lighting Solutions

Architectural lighting is more than just a source of light in a room. Architectural lighting, which combines engineering, technology, art, and design, transforms rooms for spectacular illumination while conveying a desired atmosphere and utility! Aside from high-end hotels, many new commercial and residential complexes are including complicated lighting design in their architectural and interior design plans to lure customers and users to newly refurbished and developed areas.

Energy efficiency refers to how effectively and efficiently light is used and dispersed. Architectural lighting design is very important in this case. Using smart LED lighting solutions for energy conservation is a cost-effective choice for those building large-scale buildings or civic projects.

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Tips For LED Lighting Room
Ambient, or general, lighting is the substance. It’s typically 75% of the room’s light. It provides an area with overall illumination – a comfortable level of brightness without glare. It assures you can walk into a space without bumping into furniture. For larger rooms, ambient lighting may require a few ceiling fixtures.
Main Benefits of LED Light
LEDs are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. LEDs convert about 80%-90% of the electrical energy to light, whereas traditional Light bulbs wastes 80% of energy to heat and use only 20% to light.
LED Light, More Useful Info
Buy Lumens, Not Watts... In the past, we bought light bulbs or tube light based on how much energy, or watts, they use. Wouldn't it make more sense to buy lights based on how much light they provide. When you're shopping for light bulbs, you can choose your next light bulb for the brightness you want by comparing lumens instead of watts.